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Beatriz Saw: PBB Season 2 BIG WINNER

Beatriz Saw wins the second season of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) after garnering a total of 1,571,556 votes or 30.29 percent of the total votes. Mickey Perz is first runner-up or second big placer with 1,286,166 votes or 24.79 percent.

The controversial Wendy Valdez placed third with 1,209,978 votes (23.32 percent). Gee-Ann Abrahan got 1,119,714 votes (21. 58 percent) to place fourth.

PBB Season 2 Big Winner Bea came out in a giant mirror ball before reuniting with her family. "Follow your dreams, go!" an esctatic Bea exclaimed to the jubilant crowd.

Bea wins a house and lot from Globe Asiatec, a kitchen showcase, a brand new car, a business franchise from Crystal Clear water, package tours, as well as P1 million cash prize.

After Wendy was announced as the third placer, she was heard saying "Teka, baka i-boo ako" to the other Big 4. True enough, most of those in Araneta booed her but Wendy was smiling through it all and made a peace sign with her two hands.

When co-host Bianca Gonzales asked Wendy to give a message to her family, the crowd's jeering got louder.

"Sana pagsalitain n'yo muna po ako. Ayoko lang nasasaktan ang family ko. Ako, okay lang kahit parang gusto ninyo akong sunugin. May purpose po si Lord [kung bakit nandito ako]. Pag isinisigaw ninyo ang pangalan ko, at least pinapansin ninyo ako. Thanks," said Wendy to the crowd.

Four months ago, select housemates were introduced to the public as the new tenants of Kuya for the second season of Pinoy Big Brother. They represented a cross-section of Filipinos, including those with mixed parentages.

After 126 days, the remaining four finalists, Gee-Ann, Mickey, Beatriz, and Wendy, bested all the other 16 housemates by garnering the highest number of votes for the period.

Auditing firm SGV and Company tallied the votes, dating back from when Robert Woods II was evicted until the very night of voting, June 30. The firm verified the number of votes coming in until the Big Winner was announced.

The Big Four were brought to the Big Dome in vintage cars.

The theme for the night was "Global Fiesta," according to Maribeth Bichara, the choreographer of the show. For the opening number, she had around 60 dancers filling the stage of the Araneta Coliseum. Professional dancers and former PBB housemates performed a medley of Filipiniana dances and modern numbers that wowed the audience.

Ex-Slovenia Big Brother housemate Tina Somelic, who flew all the way from Slovenia, participated in the grand event by joining in the opening number.

The 18,000-seater Araneta Coliseum was jampacked with supporters of the Big 4. Comedian Chokoleit pleaded with the audience before the start of the program. "Sana walang magkasakitan. Sports tayo lahat," he said.

All the evicted housemates participated in the opening dance number. Bruce Quebral and Bodie Cruz danced Maglalatik, Saicy Aguila and Dionne Monsanto danced ballroom, while Nel Rapiza and Kian Kazemi danced polka with Tina.

Comedians Jon Santos, Candy Pangilinan, Giselle Sanchez, and RS Francisco impersonated the Big 4—Jon as Mickey, Candy was Bea, Giselle as Gee-Ann, and RS as Wendy. When RS appeared, he was booed by majority of the people inside the Big Dome reflecting the people's disapporval of Wendy, whom they perceive as a "villain" inside the PBB house.

The PBB 2 housemates performed the finale with the Cebalo band.

Just a sidelight, when Wendy saw her boyfriend Bruce, she rushed to him. Bodie also hugged Gee-Ann upon seeing her.

Previous PBB winners Nene Tamayo (Season 1), Keanna Reeves (Celebrity Edition), and Kim Chiu (Teen Edition) were also present. With Bea's victory, the lucky streak continues for the women housemates.


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Sino ang iyong PBB Season 2 BIG WINNER? BOTO NA!

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Understanding Wendy..

Note: Though not regularly, I do get to watch Pinoy Big Brother. I try to watch whatever my siblings watch in order to process these things with them.
Recently, there’s been a big fight among the girls because of the mock nominations. Big Brother tricked them into a “live nomination” where each of the 7 remaining house mates would mention (in front of everyone) who are the 3 that don’t deserve to make it to the Big 4. To make the long story short, there has been a lot of public attention on the recent rage of Wendy, who did not take the nomination well. Inasmuch as I would love to hate Wendy for her actions, I cannot condemn Wendy, I only condemn her actions. She’s human after all. I may not agree with her, but the least I can do is understand her.
What happened?
She felt betrayed that Bea and Gee-Ann both thought she didn’t deserve to be in the Big 4. She felt crushed by the idea that people who love her would actually nominate her. For what reason? Because Wendy was already evicted and now she’s back through one of Big Brother’s Balik-Bahay gimmick. So Wendy’s anger got overblown as she started to accuse the two girls of being plastic. She accused them of being two goody-goody house mates. She claimed they hated her. She started thinking that these two are really mean girls who are strategizing in the house. She bullied them in order to provoke their anger by calling them names, lashing out hurtful comments in front of other house mates, and accusing them of being insincere when they did not respond negatively to her antics. Wendy proudly defended her actions by saying, “okay lang na masama ako, basta ako, nagpapakatotoo.” [It’s okay to be bad as long as I know I’m sincere.]
[Note to reader: if you wish to skip the commentary on Wendy’s problematic beliefs just scroll down and read “Where do all these problems come from?”]
Wendy’s “Love = No Nomination” theory
Wendy felt betrayed that the two girls nominated her. She could not believe that these two girls would treat her with affection and at the same time nominate her. How could someone who loves me, nominate me? It was an enigma. But in that same nomination, Wendy herself told her good friend, “I love you Bodie,” and she nominated him. He felt hurt and cried, just as she did, but Bodie moved on. Wendy held the grudge. Of course, it’s all a game. “Walang personalan, walang galit-galitan after nito,” the irony is that Wendy was the one who uttered that right before the nomination. In an attempt to make her understand her own inconsistency Mickey specifically pointed out her nomination of Bodie, but Wendy simply replied, “it’s different.”
Wendy’s self-contradicting notion of trust
Wendy believed that the two girls are liars and are only pretending. Her reason is that Gee-Ann and Bea know that they are on national television. Therefore, they are trying to maintain their image. This is why she would not agree with a reconciliation inside the PBB House. She wants to see them outside, the “real” them. The problem with this reasoning is that each house mate is aware that he/she is on national television. Thus, everyone is a potential faker. Why does Wendy distrust only Gee-Ann and Bea? Why doesn’t she distrust Bruce (her lover?), who has lied to everyone about not having a girl friend to begin with? How do we know that Wendy herself if not a faker? If Wendy tells everyone that she’s real and expects others to believe it, why does she not do the same to others?
Wendy’s understanding of human nature ~ pagpapakatotoo
As mentioned earlier, Wendy bullied the girls in the hope that they will get annoyed an unleash their hidden beast. (Wendy thinks people are naturally evil, I will explain this later on) Because both did not tolerate her, she believed they were not real. I think Wendy could not come to grasp with the reality that both girls are not like her. Bea and Gee-Ann are both non-confrontational characters. Bea is a natural pacifist while Gee-Ann is naturally passive. Bea does not let these things affect her while Gee-Ann would rather be a martyr because of her weak personality. Wendy exclaims, “Wala namang perpekto!” True, that’s why Bea and Gee-Ann both have their shortcomings: the former is aloof while the latter is a pessimist. I find it strange that she faults the other girls for being more patient than she is. Come on, there are many people who are, yes, not perfect, but undeniably more good-natured than the rest of us. Should we blame them for having greater control of their emotions?
(23 June 2007) I just wanted to add something that Grieckojohn said in his comment: “Kaplastikan ba ang magtago ng nararamdaman? I think you’ll say yes. But what if those persons just hide and try to control their emotions considering that they don’t wanna hurt somebody? Would that be the so-called “kaplastikan”? What if they’re just by-nature passive persons? or just silent yet observing and analyzing what’s happening before taking actions? Pagiging totoo does not necessarily mean boasting what you feel, what you think. What if they’re saying foul/mean words which destruct someone’s dignity and person as a whole?”
There’s nothing admirable in being sincerely disrespectful. “Okay lang na masama ako, basta ako, nagpapakatotoo.” [It’s okay to be bad as long as I know I’m sincere.] What’s the merit of being sincere there? If that’s the case, then we should honor all the murderers, kidnappers, carnappers, and thieves who have committed their crimes with pride.
Where do all of these problems come from?
A History of Hardships
Her mother would beat her up. Her father was a drunkard who abandoned his family and showed up only when he needed money.
On father’s day Wendy cried for feeling betrayed after the nominations and in the bedroom she revealed something important in understanding her personality: “masama akong tao, kaya yung mga taong mahal ko hindi ako kayang mahalin… it’s not hard for me to know people don’t love me, even if I love them; because my father didn’t love me, even if I loved him.”
Also recall that Wendy’s past boyfriend, Alex, only told her recently that he is already married. So all the time they were together, Alex had been deceiving her.
Wendy is the breadwinner of her large family. I actually admire her for all her efforts to be a provider for her siblings: She has joined dozens of contests, bagging the Ms. Tourism award in Binibining Pilipinas, and landing as a semi-finalist at Pinoy Dream Academy. She has also appeared in TV Commercials. But that is not enough: the huge demand of her many siblings still make them residents of a squatters’ area in Navotas.
The Question of Trust
All these encounters with hardships, and failed relationships– by failed relationships I refer to those where she deserves to be loved yet remained unloved– have caused her general attitude of doubt. Wendy cannot come to terms with the reality that people truly love her because the very people who were supposed to love her (her parents) deprived her of that love. In this way she feels betrayed. Because of this, she sees people in general as potential traitors. And the Big Brother House’s artificial set-up gives her more reasons to believe that people are showing affection out of strategy.
What It Means to Be Human
Her experiences with injustice and deception has made her believe that when people are real or nagpapakatotoo, they are angry irritable creatures. Deep inside, people must be intrinsically evil. This is why Wendy insists that she herself is a “masamang tao.” Perhaps she has subconsciously concluded that all people are evil. They tend to hurt and deceive. This is because the people who have surrounded her have done so. And seeing this capacity in herself justifies this all the more. There is a bad side to human beings that the good side can never overcome. That’s the reality of human nature according to this view. People appear good, but one day, they will hurt her… just as those she loved did.
Justified? Not Quite.
Understanding Wendy doesn’t justify her misbehavior. She is responsible for her own actions. Upbringing and harsh life experiences do not excuse a person from being accountable for his/her own offenses. Otherwise, we should free all the prisoners who have been influenced by past sufferings. No, it doesn’t work that way. Conversely, another’s misbehavior does not justify our lack of respect for that person. I will not scorn them because they, too, are children of God. I am not obliged to like them, but I have to understand them. My gosh, in how many forums & blogs have I read, “Wendemonyo, mamatay ka na!!!” She deserves some respect!
Hope for Healing
I have reasons to believe Wendy has yet to experience real love. Not “love” because she is beautiful, nor because she is the family financier, nor because she is the poster girl for pagpapakatotoo. Not even because she has good qualities. When she entered Big Brother’s house, Wendy said, “sana magustuhan ako ng tao.” Well, that’s all that Wendy wants and needs: the genuine experience of being loved for who she is.
Although I want Wendy to win the money and the house & lot (for the sake of her family), I am not rooting her because she does not have the qualities of what I think a Big Winner should be. After all, Pinoy Big Brother is not a charity contest! But I include Wendy in my prayers: may she find light, strength, peace, and most of all, love.
(Of course, I’m also hoping she gets to guest in “Kapamilya Deal or No Deal” and win at least 1 million!)

Wendy!? Wendy!?

These past days, this email detailing facts about Wendy's life had been circulating in the internet world. Pwedeng totoo ito or not, but i personally think, all details were just twisted or blown out of proportions. But who knows! Kayo na ang humusga!
Facts about Wendy
i think even if how hard we try to hide our real “mukha” lalabas atlalabas din to. i know wendy from FEU(my school too) the main reason why she passed her mascomm degree is because she ****ed (sorry for the term)our professor last february. (this istrue we have pix and cams) inside the speech laboratory all schoolmates know this.
said shes went to japan as adancer…it is true but she works in aprostitute house there and is charged$150 (pls convert to yen) a night.Shes had controversial issues in FEUbefore about her story because shedenied this when called to explainherself(kailangan ng FEU na magbackground check sa students forschool image) sabi ba naman niya “iwent to japan as a cultural dancer”may cultural bang inuuwi at binababoy ng mga customer?(confidential filesfrom 2005 feu)
IT is true that she isa good person but trust me when i saythis. she should not deny the fact ofher past so she can gain advantageover other people. SHe is NOT POOR.her last boyfriend was a Japanese DOM(62) named Hakimoto Ikita who gave hermore than a million pesos. After shegot the money she enrolled herselfAGAIN IN FEU. this was around 2003.and left her lover to rot in Japan.while she was with the JAP guy. shewas engaged sexually with my cousinT.H. Morales. also a student in FEU.reason they broke up. He caught wendyin bed with another DOM. It is sad toadmit that my cousin is a shabu addictand so is wendy.they have sessionswith drugs and after they have loud*** ( i should know my cousin livesnext to me i can hear them).
I am notagainst wendy or anything…and im happythat this might be her next step tochanging her bad ways of using peoplefor money…i am just sad that she keepson making herself look “nakaka awa” toother people on tv so she can get morevotes. i just want her to be real andhonest of who she is…she is hidingfrom a beautiful face and a sexy body…all i want is her honesty.
I pity Bruce he seems to be a nice guyto fall for someone like wendy…i toldyou shes an evil genius. she has herways of convincing people to like her…through her lies and many faces. i betafter big brother and shes a star…shewill never look at bruce the same waylike shes trying to portray now. Shehas used a lot of people already…iknow miss M guidance councelor.sometimes shes saddened of wendy’spersonality problem and wendy being auser.if you found this article rude…
myapologiesif you found this article enlightening…thank youim hoping that the true PBB housematedeserving to win should win…but i hopewendy won’t coz she is not deservingto me.
thank you…Ma.Kathleen Morales Espiritu

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Leave your comments and sentiments about Wendy here. And place your screen name and email add, and JOIN our CAMPAIGN to oust WENDY!

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Gee-Ann's BF Total HOTTIE!

One of the most search item right now, if Gee-Ann's BF named Miggy are some of his pictures together with Gee-Ann

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First came a shocker, the next one was quite predictable and then third time’s the charmbut not without an added twist. Nighttime almost proved to be too solitary and ordinary for the housemates until Big Brother delivered his sudden announcements ranging from terrible to unbelievable. And what seems too good to be true became possible as love and luck finally led Wendy and Kian to a grand reunion with their housemates!

Yen and Hanna were busy preparing their meal tonight when the acting parents in the house Mickey and Bea asked everyone to set aside what they’re doing and gather in the dining table. For the careless management of their food supplies, Big Brother imposed a serious penalty for them to ponder on their recent actions. All the consumable goods in the house were confiscated and sent in the storage room for an indefinite period until they fully realize the importance of budgeting even if they have a bountiful stock.


Hence, they resolved not to exert too many movements to prevent themselves from getting hungry. Other plans were in store for them however, particularly to the ‘expectant mothers’ who had to learn tedious workout routines, which they later demonstrated to the guys.

Their presentation brought the second revelation. Big Brother was pleased with their demo, so he made them transfer their mock preggy bellies to their chosen guy-housemates; and this included Hannah who was supposed to be really heavy with child! But this was not a shocking announcement (or instruction) anymore because unbeknownst to her, they were already oriented to treat her like an expectant mother even before she showed up. This task resulted to a warm acceptance of the newbie and easier adjustment for everyone.

week130521_head2.jpgThe exchange of this condition passed with much hilarious jeers which Big Brother also joined in. “Nel ba’t parang buntis ka na,” Kuya remarked while Mr. Perfect took off his shirt and showed his plump tummy. On the other hand, Bodie immediately slipped into a demanding persona whom Gee-Ann dubbed as Boda, “Tubig Gee! Tubig! Masahe mo naman ako… Ano bang pabango niyo? Pwede bang i-layo niyo muna! Kala niyo ba madali ‘to?"

Soon after this light moment, they shared a frugal meal -- grateful that at least their stomachs won’t be entirely empty after all. The housemates were truly humbled through this tough lesson. No complaints were heard as they proceeded to eat the simple food staple: six pieces of tuyo and several cups of rice. With this small amount of nourishment, some of them just decided to share plates!

Last but not the least was the happy reunion of Kian with the guy-housemates and Wendy’s withweek130521_head4.jpg the girls who were separately detained in their respective bedrooms. Their comeback won’t be easy though because of the latest weekly task the lucky duo announced. Labeled as “Hati-House”, Big Brother forbids the housemates to interact with the opposite sex! And Bruce’s initial disappointment was obviously shown on his face.

How will they deal with this gender isolation? Will Bruce, Wendy, Kian, Gee-ann and all the others manage to hold their excitement and happiness when they see each other? How long will this difficult division continue?Don't miss the following happenings after the successful balik-bahays' return on Pinoy Big Brother Primetime Bida!

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On Second Chances

Everybody in this world deserves a second chance. And whatever losses former evictees Wendy and Kian have regretted before, tonight came an opportunity to turn back the tide.

Four hopefuls, all with spectacular personalities, came back to show the people that they are worthy of residing in Big Brother’s house once more. And week 12 in PBB's calendar showcased a series of strange happenings as they worked their way through the covert duties they have to accomplish right under the housemates’ nose.

Most of the time, they led a humdrum life inside the four corners of their secret room. To chase away the boredom and tension towards what awaits them by the end of their stay, they relied on their wit and their game cards which perhaps restrained them from getting mad. Once in a while, they were allowed to watch how their former housemates are faring. And knowing that mere walls separate them from each other were their endless source of amusement.

Naturally, Big Brother saw a way to play tricks on the resident housemates and make them anticipate the big surprise which they learned tonight. From Kuya’s intended name-dropping of Wendy's name, a pinakbet fare for G-ann from Kian to the frequent detainment intervals and the mysterious meals cooked in their own kitchen... CSI Bodie and Mickey came to the conclusion that most probably an ex-housemate would be entering the housemate once again. However, they felt that this idea is too good to be true.

It can't be denied that the Hardcourt Hottie was one of the housemates who wished for Wendy’s return. Their unfinished business is a factor and more than that, the knowledge that he can now freely express his feelings for the commercial babe filled him with unsurpassed excitement.

Seeing Big Brother’s residents and the secret housemates interact separately next to each other was totally fascinating! Kian, Wendy, Jasmin and Zeke gave their best efforts throughout this week; unfortunately, only two of them were chosen through the people's votes and these are Wendy and Kian.

The Harcourt Hottie's righteous prayer for Wendy’s return may be answered but he has to wait a little longer for their much-awaited reunion. Because only Zeke was revealed to the housemates tonight! He got the lowest number of votes yet Big Brother permitted him to spend a night with them and fix whatever issues he has with the HMs. Meanwhile, Kian, Wendy and Jasmin were still left in the secret room.

How will Zeke fare tonight with the surprised housemates? Will Jasmin be given a similar privilege? And when will the lucky duo be officially out in the open? Tonight’s events certainly kept everyone hanging on thin air! So stay tune for the exciting happenings which will unfold in the coming days at Pinoy Big Brother Primetime Bida!